Airwaves Technical Services (ATS) is a provider of technical expertise and sales of new and preowned broadcast and communications equipment.

Wilf Rice started his career at CHCH-TV in Hamilton ON and was employed as a technician at a number of radio and TV stations in Canada. He jumped at an opportunity to become a sales engineer where he could use his experience in technical departments as background to assisting other engineers make an informed decision before they buy. He has been involved with the initial set up or upgrading of literally hundreds of radio and TV stations, cable companies, production studios, and telecom enterprises.  He was the co-inventor of the Emergency Warning System in Alberta, as well as a pioneer in the use of video and audio television transmission from planes and helicopters. He implemented one of the first systems to allow 4 FM stations to share the same antenna. The first Digital/HD TV transmitter in Vancouver was supplied by him. Mr. Rice was a key player in many of the Canadian broadcast events and landmarks.

Mr. Rice was born in England and as they say, he comes by his profession honestly. Wilf’s father was a radio/radar technician in WWII and then he started his own sales and repair business – including building the first TV receiver in Northern England. The Rice family emigrated to Canada and settled in Hamilton Ontario. Wilf attended school and started his career in broadcasting in southern Ontario. Mr. Rice and his family moved to Calgary Alberta to secure opportunities there as the broadcast industry was expanding in the West. More recently Wilf has returned to Southern Ontario to be closer to family and to continue to assist and work with his many clients and friends.