At ATS it is not all about products but it is about satisfaction. We will try to fit the equipment you purchase to your technical and financial needs and requirements. We have working arrangements with most equipment manufacturers and distributors. But some are our favorites for a variety of reasons. It sometimes is the products track record, or ease of operation and installation, cost etc. These manufacturers are mentioned below for your consideration.

Transmission and Wireless Gear

AM, FM, Television Broadcast Transmitters plus STL and Wireless links. 
Brands we like include: Crown, Nautel, Nicom, Omnilynx, SBS, Axcera.

Antennas for the transmitters listed above. 
Brands we like include: Mark Antennas, Prodelin, Shively; Nicom; Wade; Anixter; SIRA; Scala.

Transmission accessories such as Cable; Monitors; Test Equipment etc. 
Brands we like include: Andrews; Bird; Burk; Coaxial Dynamics; Davicom; Delhi Towers; Inovonics; Motorola.

Video and Television Equipment

Video amplifiers, routing switchers, Modulators, Receivers, Monitors, Fiber Optics; Satellite products etc. 
Brands we like include: Multidyne; Motorola; Phase 3; VideoQuip. WBS.

Audio for Radio and Television

Microphones; Recorders; Consoles; Mixers; WBS; Sennheiser; Stands; Speakers; Custom furniture; CD Players etc. 
Brands we like include: Audio Arts; Behringer; Delco; Shure; Radio Systems; Prime Acoustics; Rode; Nicom; Tascam; Denon; Wheatstone; Tannoy.

Automation Systems and Equipment

Complete station control for unattended or announcer assist operation. 
Brands we like: iMediatouch; Broadcast Tools, Phase 3; HP; Dell; etc.

Transport and Wireless Devices

Codecs; Pots, T1, and ISDN products; IP transport devices and more; 
Brands we like include: APT; ATA; Barix; Comrex; Motorola; Multidyne.

Communications Equipment Accessories

Power conditioning products; APC; LEA; Racks; Patchfields, Misc. Installation Hardware. 
Brands we like include: AVP;Delco; LEA; Neutric; Belden; ProRack; Raxxess; Phase 3.

From Airwaves Technical Services

We offer complete support for your endeavor. This service includes: feasibility studies; systems design; integration; installation; new and used equipment supply; Insurance evaluations and inventory management.